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Šéfkuchař David ŠašekDavid was just 12 years old when his cooking experience began in a professional kitchen under the guidance of the chefs in the family pension Stráž nad Nežárkou. After finishing school, he continued to improve his skills in this beautiful craft at leading five-star hotels and luxury restaurants in Prague and abroad. He learned from the best chefs such as Siegfried Vidovic, Zdeněk Pohlreich, Robert Webster and Laurent Gras, who are among today’s best throughout the world. In his cooking, David uses mainly local ingredients and meat from Czech farms. Most meat dishes he prepares using the “Sous Vide” method, the purpose of which is to preserve the natural taste, texture and juice of quality food by warming it up at moderate temperatures in a water bath for several hours. He is one of the pioneers of this cooking method in our country, which he began six years ago. Even the renowned Marc Veyrat has approved of the quality of his prepared meat dishes.

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