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The rooftop terrace

Sitting on the terrace is an experience alone. When imaginative creations of the chef David Šašek are added, it is a symphony for all the senses.

Taste buds and olfactory cells get inspired by sensual variations of David's cuisine, which is characterized by abundant use of local ingredients from local farmers, preferably in organic quality and prepared to accentuate the natural flavour of each of the resorted ingredients. Your ears will be delighted by unassuming melodies emanating from the ubiquitous speakers - what else could you expect in a place consecrated to music? Neither your eye will be left without an unforgettable experience. The terrace offers a 360° view of the entire Prague and looking at all the treasures of the Golden City, you will want to test the last of the five human senses, touch - Prague Castle, Petřín Tower and St. Nicholas cathedral - as they were at reach of your fingertips!